Paso corto, vista larga y mala leche

Portrait series about artist and hatter Curro Coronel.

The portraits of this series, taken with a 6×7 medium format film camera, delve into the artist’s life and personality, into his craft and origin.

As you explore this series, allow yourself to be transported into a world where darkness and light dance together, and where the essence of the artist’s cultural heritage shines through.

Impacted and inspired by the once prevalent mining industry in his hometown of Linares in Andalusia, where miners toiled beneath the earth in an obscure environment, Curro tries to recreate this experience and expresses it through his work.
The dark and moody atmosphere apparent in the images tries to reflect this. The interplay of shadows and light creates a sense of depth and intrigue, inviting viewers to explore the hidden narratives within each frame.

Finally these portraits are not only aiming to showcase the art of hat making and the value of craftsmanship in general but also invite you to contemplate the interplay between cultural roots and artistic expression.

“Influenca minera, sus manos tatuadas recrean el duro trabajo de esos hombres sudorosos y manchados de negro como el tizón que cada día se adentraban en el túnel”