Fragmented Memories

A collection of images about subjective memory and the individual perception of space. The images were taken using 6×6 film negatives and a plastic toy camera, resulting in blurry, dreamlike images that accentuate the distortion of objective reality.

This series aims to explore the perception of space as filtered through the lens of subjective memory.

The use of a simple plastic film camera with little to no technical precision results in a soft dreamlike image that captures a feeling rather than a specific moment in time.

Instead of trying to faithfully replicate reality, the photos of this series rather distort reality into vague forms, creating an abstract image disconnected of time and space, like a piece of fragmented memory.

From obscure anonymous human figures interacting in the landscape to the depiction of land shaped through human construction, each image is a window into the ways in which our memories and interactions in space influence our view of reality. They transport the viewer to a place that seems familiar yet devoid of time and place, evoking memories and emotions that resonate on a deeply personal level.

Highlighting the ways in which our memories shape our internal landscapes and how we, in turn, shape the spaces we inhabit suggests that the objective materialistic view of the world as something existing separated from us may not be entirely accurate. While the physical environment may exist independently of our subjective experience, our perception and interpretation of it are shaped by our internal world.

Overall this photo series wants to offer a thought-provoking exploration on this topic and raises questions about the limits of objectivity in our understanding of the world.